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Free We Believe Christmas SVG File

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So I’ve talked about signs like they’re going out of style right? If you look at past FREEBIES, you can totally see that I like sign projects.

The reason why I love sign projects is because not only are they easy to make, but they are also low cost, and people love to make them for themselves, to give as gifts, and they sell like crazy!

If you haven’t yet created a sign with your cutting machine, then download today’s free cut file and get started. If you have any project questions at all, leave me a comment and I will be happy to help you out.

FREE We Believe Christmas Porch Sign SVG File for Cricut and Silhouette Projects from

This quote is SO perfect for the holidays, I really hope that you create this sign and put it out for everyone to see. Your neighbors will wonder where you picked it up, and from start to finish this project should take you no longer than an hour to complete.

For the wood part of this project, you will want to stop by your local hardware store and pick up a pine board (nicest in my opinion and the paint leaks the least). You can have them cut it for you using some basic dimensions such as 8″ x 48″; this is the size that I like to use for my porch signs.

To create the stencil, I recommend using Oramask 813 Stencil Vinyl which you can order online by the sheet or roll for almost nothing. You will also need some clear transfer paper, paintbrush sponges, and your favorite colors of chalk paint or any flat paint.

Remember that you can either cut a long roll of stencil paper to create just one long stencil, or you can use registration marks and individual sheets of the stencil vinyl. I rather do the full stencil all at once, but I know that can be overwhelming to apply, just take your time.

My number one tip to create lovely signs is to use a sanding block to smooth out your wood as much as possible. The smoother the surface, the nicer and more professional your sign will turn out.

Also keep in mind that you are working with paint, and so if any mistakes happen, you can paint over it and start again.

My favorite part of making porch signs is that you can easily flip over the sign and create a second sign to use. I like to do this a lot. For example, my fall sign will turn into my Christmas sign. I like to do those two holidays together because as soon as Thanksgiving is over, I can just flip it around and show off my Christmas one.

If you plan on selling your signs and you’re looking for a price recommendation, I suggest using my pricing calculator spreadsheet first to find out exactly how much you’re going to spend to make them, and this will give you an idea of what your profit margins could be.

Once you’ve done that, you can start looking at your competition. An easy way to do this is to go onto Etsy and use the search box to type in your product type; in this case look up “Christmas Porch Signs”. This will bring up a ton of listings, but I like to look at listings with the “Bestseller” badge because this lets me know that this price range is one that I should consider. This technique should tell you that people are willing to pay that amount for the type of sign that you’re going to make.

For this design specifically, I recommend starting off between $50-$75. You can start at $75 and offer a discount or coupon for people who place early orders from you. This is a great way to “pre-sale” your item before you go and invest a ton of money buying supplies.

When taking pre-orders, ALWAYS collect the money up front. All of it. Also have an estimated time till delivery, because people will always want to know when they can expect their goods. A good way to figure out how long it will take you to deliver the orders, you should try to make a sign from start to finish for yourself before you sell them. This will give you the estimated time of production per sign as well as provide you a sample to show people, aka photos.

QUICK NOTE: You can use this design for personal and commercial use. If you’d like to share it with your friends (I’d LOVE THIS!), I do ask that you just link them to this post and help support my website. Also, please don’t upload it to a print on demand (POD) website, or send it for mass production.

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Thank you so much for your support, and if you make anything with this design, tag me @PerfectStylishCuts, I love seeing your makes.

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We Believe Christmas Porch Sign Cut File – SVG, EPS, DXF, PNG files included.

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