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Free Thanksgiving Leftovers Plate SVG File

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This year sending Thanksgiving leftovers home with friends and family does not have to cause you worry. You do not have to send away your favorite dinner plates or your last set of Tupperware.

There is a solution to this. It’s called the leftovers plate and today I’m sharing with you a free SVG cut file file that you can use to create a few of them to use this upcoming Thanksgiving.

Free Thanksgiving Leftovers Plate SVG File for Cricut and Silhouette projects from Perfect to send Thanksgiving leftovers with friends and family.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I create plates that I’m just going to be sending away?” The answer is simple. The leftovers plate will not leave you with a plate missing from the beautiful set of dishes that you just bought or the Tupperware that you love.

Everyone knows that leftover plates hardly ever make it back home anyway and this is just one less worry; plus they are beautiful and simple to make.

To get started you just need a blank plate of your choice, some permanent vinyl, I recommend Oracal 651, clear transfer tape, and the free cut file that I include at the bottom of this post.

If you would like to minimize the amount of money that you spend on these plates, then you can make a quick stop at any Dollar Tree or other Dollar Store where you can normally find blank plates for only $1. My favorite are the plain white plates from Dollar Tree.

One important note to remember when you place vinyl on a plate is that you want to avoid putting food right on it. Vinyl is not food safe. There are a few tricks to get around this, and I am happy to share those with you.

If you’re using a white plate and the vinyl will be right on top of the plate, my favorite trick is to lay a paper towel or piece of foil paper down on top before I place the food on the plate. Not only will this method prevent the food from being right on top of the vinyl, but it will also minimize cleaning.

The second trick that I have is using a clear plate instead of a white plate. With this method, you just need to remember to mirror the design before cutting it as you will be placing it on the bottom side of the plate. This will allow for the plate to still be food safe as is and the design to still show through.

And there you have it. Making plates to use as leftovers plates that people can take home this Thanksgiving is a must do. I can’t wait to hear how these go over for you.

P.S. Please remind people that these dishes are hand wash and hand dry only. The dishwasher is almost sure to ruin them.

QUICK NOTE: You can use this design for personal and commercial use. If you’d like to share it with your friends (I’d LOVE THIS!), I do ask that you just link them to this post and help support my website. Also, please don’t upload it to a print on demand (POD) website, or send it for mass production.

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The Leftovers Plate Cut File – SVG, EPS, DXF, PNG files included.

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