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Free Our First Christmas As Mr and Mrs & Baby’s First Christmas Ornament SVG Files

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Do you know someone who just recently got married, or had a baby who would love to have a Christmas ornament to celebrate this holiday season? Today I want to share with you 2 FREE Christmas Ornament SVG Files that are perfect to get you started with making these perfect ornaments.

The first design has the quote “Our First Christmas as Mr & Mrs”, and the second one says “Baby’s First Christmas”. These Free Wedding Ornament Svg and the Free Baby’s First Christmas Svg files will help you create beautiful gifts.

I will get you started and I will even walk you through the process and show you everything that you need to know to create these from start to finish!

Download these 2 FREE Christmas Ornament SVG Files for your Cricut Christmas DIY projects. FREE Our First Christmas as Mr and Mrs SVG File and FREE Babys First Christmas SVG File. 
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These designs are really easy to use with your Cricut cutting machine, but what I love most about them is how quickly you can turn out a set of beautiful Christmas ornaments with very little money spent on materials.

If you’re wondering if you can “actually” make these, seriously, don’t fret. I know you can make these!

Okay, so let me walk you through cutting these designs and putting them on the ceramic blank ornaments, or really any ornaments that you’d like to use.

P.S. You can use these designs as you please. You don’t need to put them on these specific tiles that I’m using. There are other vendors, brands and sizes of blank ornaments.

How To Make Christmas Ornaments With Your Cricut

If you want to make a set of these adorable Christmas ornaments, like I did in the photo above, here’s how you do it. We’ll be using both of the designs included. The Free Our First Christmas As Mr & Mrs Svg file and the Free Baby’s First Christmas Svg file in this tutorial.

This project is also perfect if you have a scrap vinyl stash.

Don’t feel like you need to go out and purchase more vinyl. If you have some small pieces in the colors you need, you’ll be good to go!

The Materials You’re Going To Need

– Your Cricut cutting machine. (I have the Cricut Maker and I absolutely love it!)

– A few sheets of Permanent Vinyl in whatever colors you want to use. (I love to use the Oracal 651 brand of permanent vinyl and I always order from Expressions Vinyl because they have the best selection and prices, but in a pinch you can find sheets at your local Michaels.)

– Clear Transfer Tape. (You can use any brand of transfer tape that you have or like, but if you’re looking for a recommendation, my favorite transfer tape is from Expressions Vinyl. It releases like butter and is super affordable.)

Blank Ceramic Ornaments, or any clear ornaments will do. I bought these on Amazon, in case you want to use the same ones.

– The 2 FREE Christmas Ornament SVG Files that you can download at the bottom of this post.

Let’s Make Keepsake Ornaments!

STEP 1: The first step is to download your free cut files and upload them to Cricut Design Space. I recommend that you download the SVG file specifically because that one is easiest to work with in Design Space.

STEP 2: Your next step will be to size your designs according to the size of the ornaments that you’ll be using.

This Is How I Size My Designs For Round Ceramic Ornaments

What I like to do here is to take a ruler and measure the height and width of the ornaments I’m using and then open Cricut Design Space and place a circle shape in that size on the canvas.

This helps me be able to size my designs according to how I want them to ornament. Be sure to take note of where the hole where the string will go and place a small circle as well.

This is all just to help with alignment. You will not be cutting these shapes. Once you’re done sizing your designs, make sure to delete the circles you added.

How To Size Ornaments In Cricut Design Space

This is a step that I would not skip at all, because if you decide to eyeball the measurements you need and you’re off by just half an inch or so, you will be wasting vinyl for no good reason.

Send Them To Your Cutting Machine And Weed Them

STEP 3: Once you’ve sized your designs, you will need to decide if you’re going to use multiple colors of vinyl like I did, or if you want to go with just one.

One color looks beautiful as well, but you’ll want to decide before you send the designs to cut, because you want to have your vinyl colors ready.

Now that you’ve decided one way or the other, one of my tips is if you decide to use just one color of vinyl, to weld the design together. This makes it so that when the Cricut cuts it out, it’s all perfectly aligned and placed as it should be.

This helps you to add it to your ornaments much easier, trust me.

My last tip as you send your designs to cut, is to use the “Washi Tape” setting instead of the vinyl setting. This setting works so much better when cutting small pieces on vinyl.

It’ll make weeding the designs a breeze. Take it from me, I’ve wasted a lot of vinyl before I started using this setting.

Now Let’s Place the Designs On The Tiles

STEP 4: The first thing you want to do before you place your designs on the ornaments is to clean the them using a bit of rubbing alcohol and let them dry.

If you don’t have alcohol, just take a clean napkin and some water and remove any dust that the tile might have and let dry it completely off.

Now take your transfer tape and lift the designs off the vinyl sheet. Make sure that if you’re using multiple colors of vinyl, you get all the colors onto the same transfer sheet.

You want to add your entire design all at once to the ornament if possible.

When you go to transfer your vinyl, I suggest starting from top to bottom and using your fingers to press it on well, or preferably a scraper tool.

To properly align the designs on the ornaments, I suggest placing the top of the design where you think it might go, and then looking at it to see if that looks good to you.

If it does, then finish applying it. If it doesn’t, this makes it so much easier to pull off and align again.

I hope this tip helps you!

Here’s How You Finish Them

STEP 5: One of my favorite things about using these ornaments is that they come with the red ribbon to hang them on the tree.

This is pretty much the last step in finishing them, so don’t forget to add it, especially if you’re going to be gifting these.

And Just Like That You’re Done!

I hope you enjoyed making these Christmas ornaments with me and that I answered all the questions you had.

Fonts I Used For The Ornaments

– For the print wording, I used the beautiful font “Breakfast Pastry” by Missy Meyer. This comes in two different types of looks that you can use, one hollow and one solid.

– For the script wording, I used the amazing font “Chin Up Buttercup” by Nicky Laatz. This is a really beautiful font that comes with SO many extras!

The Round Ceramic Ornaments I Love To Use

I like to use these blank ceramic ornaments from Amazon for these type of ornaments because they look really classy.

They come in a set of 10, so you can make multiple of them as gifts.

But feel free to use any ornaments that you may have, they do not need to be these same ones.


You can use these designs for personal and commercial use. If you’d like to share them with your friends (I’d LOVE THIS!), I do ask that you just link them to this post and help support my website. Also, please don’t upload it to a print on demand (POD) website, or send it for mass production.

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Thank you so much for your support, and if you make anything with this design, tag me @PerfectStylishCuts, I love seeing your makes. 


You can find all of the FREE Christmas SVG Files Here.


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Our First Christmas As Mr And Mrs – SVG, EPS, DXF, PNG files included.

Baby’s First Christmas – SVG, EPS, DXF, PNG files included.

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