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Free Happy Birthday America Cake Topper SVG File

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Are you ready to sparkle at the dessert table with your 4th of July cake? This FREE Happy Birthday America Cake Topper SVG file is going to help you do just that!

Let’s create this topper in less than 20 minutes that will have everyone saluting your creativity this Independence Day.

FREE Happy Birthday America Cake Topper SVG File for 4th Of July Cricut Projects - Free 4th Of July Cake Topper SVG


First thing’s first, you can make this cake topper using ANY color of cardstock that you have, wether it’s glitter or a solid color it doesn’t matter; and it doesn’t have to be red either.

That’s the beauty of cake toppers like this is that you can make them out of pretty much any color of cardstock that you have because they’re a single cut.

Okay, so let’s get started!

What Do I Need To Make This 4th Of July Cake Topper?

Here are all the things I used to make this beautiful Happy Birthday America Cake Topper.

  • 12×12 Sheet Of Red Glitter Cardstock (I bought mine as a single sheet from Michaels.)
  • 2 Bamboo Skewer Sticks
  • Clear Tape or a Glue Gun (This is your preference. We just need something to glue the skewer sticks onto the topper itself.)
  • Standard Grip Cricut Cutting Mat
  • Spatula Cricut Tool (To lift the design off the mat without tearing it)
  • Your Cricut Cutting Machine With Design Space Readily Available
  • This FREE Happy Birthday America Cake Topper SVG File (Download at the bottom of this post.)

Before you begin cutting your design, you’ll want to make sure to measure just how wide and tall you’ll want your design to be.

To measure I like to use a measuring tape to figure out how many inches tall and wide my design should be. I normally like to make them about 4 inches less wide than the cake, but it’s up to you of course.

Let’s Make An Awe-Inspiring Patriotic Cake Topper With Cricut!

STEP 1: Upload the FREE Happy Birthday America Cake Topper SVG File to Design Space and size it according to the measurement you want your design to be.

Remember to make sure the little lock icon is closed when you go to size your design to make sure it doesn’t get distorted and retains the correct size proportions.

You don’t have to worry about colors at all with this design, because you’ll be using any color of cardstock that you have.

STEP 2: Cut & Weed Your Cake Topper.

Now let’s send it to cut. Make sure that you select the right kind of material, and not just a generic cardstock as this can cause your Cricut to not cut the design all the way through.

Once your design has been cut, I suggest using your spatula tool to carefully pull it off the mat. Some pieces will inevitably weed themselves when you do this, but others won’t and that’s okay; you can get them once you’ve taken the topper off the mat.

Remember that you’re working with paper and it can easily rip, so go slowly and release around the edges first.

STEP 3: Cut The Skewers & Attach Them To The Topper To Finish It.

You are now left with your topper and now it’s time to trim the skewers to the correct height that you want them at.

What I do is that I cut off the top, and leave the pointy side in tact, since that’s the part that will be going into the cake.

You can take your skewers and place them alongside your cake to get a sense of how tall it will need to be, without going over the topper.

To trim your skewers you can use a good set of scissors or you can bend it and break off the piece you don’t need.

When you’ve completed that part, the last thing to do is to tape your skewers at an even length to the back of the topper.

Choose sections where you have enough space to tape them or glue them, without them showing through the letters.

And that’s it, you did it; you made a 4th of July cake topper with your Cricut! It’s amazing isn’t it?

More Tips & Tricks

1. Use Food Safe Stick(s) To Insert Cake Topper.

I’ve seen people use all kinds of different sticks, plastic and such for their toppers, but I always suggest using food safe sticks that are already meant to touch food, and so that’s why I go with skewers.

Two other good alternatives are popsicle sticks and straws. You can even find really festive straws to match your color scheme.

2. Don’t Buy Glitter Card Stock That Flakes.

When you’re picking the cardstock for your cake toppers a really amazing tip, and trust me I learned this from experience, is to not pick paper that flakes.

What I mean is give it a shake in the store or touch it with your entire hand and see if glitter flakes off. If it does, you don’t want to use that paper because the glitter will get on your cake and no one wants to eat that right?

3. Use A Standard Grip Mat With Plenty Of Grip.

Cutting cardstock can be a little bit tricky because the amount of grip that your cutting mat has can make a huge difference on how well the project will turn out.

I always suggest using the green standard grip Cricut mat, but just make sure that it’s got plenty of grip or else the cardstock will move while it’s cutting and this will cause a huge disaster.

4. Make It Thicker And More Steady With Extra Layers.

This is one of my favorite things to do when I’m making cake toppers and I have a little bit of time to really make it nice and firm so that it holds, and can possibly be reused.

What I do is that I will take just some solid cardstock and cut the design 2-5 times, aside from my glitter cut, and then take a glue stick and line them up to make it more thick and steady.

If you plan to gift or sell your toppers, this is a must do to make sure the toppers you’re sharing with people are of good quality and they won’t easily bend or tear.


You can use this design for personal and commercial use. If you’d like to share it with your friends (I’d LOVE THIS!), I do ask that you just link them to this post and help support my website. Also, please don’t upload it to a print on demand (POD) website, or send it for mass production.

I have a quick favor to ask. Before you download this freebie, please JOIN the Facebook Group (CLICK HERE), and if you can, please PIN one of the images above.

Thank you so much for your support, and if you make anything with this design, tag me @PerfectStylishCuts, I love seeing your makes.


Happy Birthday America Cake Topper Cut File – SVG, EPS, DXF, PNG files included.

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