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Free Letter To Santa Printable

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It’s just about the time for the kids to start working on their Christmas wishlist, and therefore this FREE Letter To Santa Printable is just what you’ve been looking for to help them get started!

Just Download, Print, and have the kids use the prompts provided to create the perfect Letter To Santa this year.

FREE Letter To Santa Printable


This Letter To Santa Printable is really awesome because it makes it easy for the kids to get their thoughts out on paper, and even easier as a parent to figure out exactly what is on their wishlist.

How Do I Use The Letter To Santa Printable?

Using it is as simple as grabbing a pen or pencil and adding in all of the information you’d like for Santa to have, but if you’re wondering what you need to get this template, then here is what I used:

  • A Color Printer
  • 1 Sheet Of Copypaper
  • The FREE Letter To Santa Printable PDF File (Download at the bottom of this post.)

Once you’ve downloaded the PDF file you can immediately send it to print and if you have more than one kid, feel free to print multiple!

FREE Printable Letter To Santa Template

Something To Wear, Something To Read, Something I Need, Something Fun

I absolutely love how engaging these present categories are!

They will help your child narrow down their wants and needs, as well as give them space to write out several options for each category.

This is also something that will help you have a variety of things that you can gift to them, and also give you the ability to share some of their wishlist with family members.

I think the most useful of the prompts is the first one on the letter, which asks the kid what they would most want for Christmas this year.

If I could only get them one present, I would want to get them whatever is written here.

How To Encourage Your Kids To Write Their Christmas Wishlist

If you have a child who struggles to get their Christmas wishlist down on paper, then here are some tips to encourage them.

1. Show Them Catalogs.

It is usually around the holidays when places like Amazon and Target will send out the “Toy Catalogs” that you can share with the kids to have them look at what the most popular toys are for the year.

I usually encourage my daughters to circle their favorites, and doggy ear the pages.

2. Share Gift Guides And Allow Them To Visit Their Favorite Shop Websites.

The most wonderful thing about online shopping is that you can view an entire stores inventory simply by visiting their website.

You can also use Google to your advantage and use the search to look for things such as “Gift Guide For ____”.

I usually will search for “Gift Guide For Girls Under 10 Years Old”.

Amazon has really amazing gift guides for kids of all ages that you can check out here as well!

3. Take Them To Their Favorite Store.

This is an oldie but goodie suggestion that always seems to work for my kids!

Sometimes just walking around their favorite store, or any store that has a lot of options, or maybe a mall, will help them find things that they may like.

For example, when it comes to finding books that my daughters might want we always take a trip to Barnes & Nobles and spend some time looking through the children’s section.

We don’t buy anything, but I take note of what their interests are.

You could easily use this strategy at at other stores as well to help them gather ideas for every category included in their Letter To Santa.

FREE Printable Letter To Santa - Free Christmas Wishlist Printable

What Do You Do With The Letters To Santa?

In our house we usually just use the kids’ letters to make sure that we stuff the tree with the things that our daughters most want each year.

Once the holiday season is over, we will add their letters to their memory boxes, where they become a keepsake.

You as the parent get to decide exactly where their letters will end up.

Send Their Letters To Santa In The North Pole Via USPS

According to the USPS Website you can now send Letters to Santa in the North Pole by following their guide, which you can find at the USPS Operation Santa website.

All you need to do is write your letter and send it in an envelope with your full name, return address, and a postage stamp to Santa’s Address, as is listed.

Send Letter To Santa In The North Pole Via USPS


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Letter To Santa Printable – PDF File included.

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