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DIY Fall Doormat Q&A + FREE SVG

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These days DIY doormats seem to be really popular in the crafting community. It feels like everyone is making one.

I’m also seeing A LOT of questions come up about how to make them, and what all is needed. This post will answer all of the questions that you have in a Q&A style.

DIY Fall Doormat Q&A + FREE Welcome To Our Patch SVG FILE for Cricut and Silhouette Cutting Machines.

Let’s get started. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, and let’s help each other out with tips and tricks.

Q: Where do you get the doormats that everyone is using?

A: You can find the coir doormats that are most often used for this kind of project at Target, Home Depot and Ikea. They’re usually priced $9.99 for the smaller doormat (most commonly used) and $19.99 for the larger ones.

Q: What kind of vinyl do I need to use?

A: You can use any kind of vinyl that you have really, but the ones I like to use are stencil vinyl (Oramask 813) and removable adhesive vinyl (Oracal 631 matte). They’re just the right kind of sticky.

Q: Can I use something else other than vinyl as a stencil?

A: Yes! Cardstock works perfectly fine and so does parchment and freezer paper. Chances are your stencil won’t fit on a regular 12×12 sheet of cardstock, so just use some painters tape to hold both sheets together and then cut the stencil out.

Q: How big should I cut the stencil?

A: This will depend on the size of your mat and the size that you want your stencil. I would say to take your mat measurements and leave a gap of 3-4 inches from the top and bottom for the best look.

Q: Can I cut the doormat stencil on my regular cutting mat?

A: No, you will need to use a 12×24 cutting mat for sure! My favorites are the light grip Cricut mats.

Q: What paint should I pick up for this project?

A: You will want to use “outdoor” acrylic paint. Any brand will do, and you can pick this up at any craft store; even Walmart has it.

Q: How do I get the stencil to stick to the mat while I paint?

A: If you choose to use stencil or removable adhesive vinyl, then you will just need to place your vinyl on the mat (transfer it with contact paper preferably, to help it release easier), then using some parchment paper to cover the stencil, run your iron over it to get it to hold to the doormat while you do the painting. IF YOU USE CARDSTOCK or any other kind of material, just use packing tape around the edges to hold it still.

Q: How do I prevent the paint from bleeding?

A: The trick is to use minimum paint, use the right brush (STENCIL BRUSH), do a few coats, and let it dry before removing the stencil.

Q: Should I use a sealer?

A: In short, yes! This doormat will probably be exposed to water and all kinds of other elements, and even using outdoor acrylic paint may not prevent it from fading away faster than you’d like. I use the Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Spray. You can find this at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and even Walmart and Amazon.

Q: How much can I sell these for?

A: This will ALWAYS depend on how much you spend on supplies and how much time you you spent making the mats. Common prices are $25-$30 for a smaller mat and $40-$45 for the bigger ones.

And there you have it. This is everything that you need to know to get started with your DIY doormat.

Don’t forget to download the FREE WELCOME TO OUR PATCH SVG FILE that I’m including at the bottom of this post to help you create your own Fall doormat.

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