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16 Free DIY Graduation Cricut Crafts

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This graduation season you can use these 16 Free DIY Graduation Cricut craft ideas to make something amazing for your graduate.

If you have a graduation party to host, a gift to give, or you just want to make something special for your grad, then this list of graduation craft ideas, plus the Free SVG files to make them is just what you’ve been looking for.

16 Free DIY Graduation Cricut craft project ideas



To download any of these freebies, you’ll want to just click on the link underneath the photo. This will take you to the page for each individual project.

Some of these projects are from me and some are from my crafty blog friends, and so you’ll just read through the post until you find the download link.

1. Colorful graduate class of 2022

Using this really colorful graduate class of 2022 design you could make so many different graduation gifts. I like colorful designs like this one, but if you wanted to cut this all out in one color, that would make this design even easier to use. All you would need to do is weld it before sending it to cut.

Colorful Graduate Class Of 2022 - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Colorful Graduate Class Of 2022 SVG File from TriedAndTrueBlog Here.

2. Finally Done graduation mug

This finally done graduation mug design would be great on just about any mug you can find. I love using Dollar Tree mugs for this kind of designs, and then I fill them all up with goodies the graduate would love. What’s great about this design is that the elements would be so small, that it’s the perfect way to use up some of your scrap vinyl.

Finally Done Mug - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Finally Done Graduation Mug SVG File from PerfectStylishCuts (from me!) Here.

3. grad squad t-shirt

Not only is this grad squad shirt design perfect for the graduates, but also for the teachers and school staff who help put the ceremony and event together. I can see making shirts with this design for all the people who are involved in the graduation ceremony. Putting together a graduation is truly a work of the heart.

Grad Squad Shirt - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Grad Squad T-Shirt SVG File from EverydayPartyMag Here.

4. Graduation mementos box decal

Making a graduation mementos box decal is a must! You can really use any box for this project, and bow would it help with organizing all those last minute things that graduates want to keep. From the tassels, to the decorated graduation caps, and the ceremony programs. Plus photos, and everything else that is kept during that last year of school. Such a cool project, this might be my favorite and the simplest one to make.

Graduation Mementos Box Decal - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Graduation Mementos Box Decal SVG File from MeAndMyInklings Here.

5. congrats grad money sleeve

Are you giving cash as a graduation gift this year? Then you’ll want to make this really cute money sleeve. All it takes is your cutting machine, some cardstock, and glue to put it together. Think about how cool it would be to give a check with the amount $20.22 (get it? Because they’re the class of 2022!)

Congrats Grad Money Sleeve - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Congrats Grad Money Sleeve SVG File from GinaCCreates Here.

6. graduation cap keychains

If you’ve never used your cutting machine to cut out leather for keychains, then I think you’ll love this project. Not only would this gift probably be used for many years to come, but it is also really easy to make and customize with the school colors, graduation year, and even name of the graduate. You can pick up the leather, the hardware, and the super cute tassels for this project on Amazon.

Graduation Cap Leather Keychains - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Graduation Cap Keychain SVG File from AmyRomeu Here.

7. class of 2022 cupcake toppers

Oh my are these easy to make, and really cute! This is a project that takes just a few sheets of cardstock, some glue, and toothpicks. You can cut out as many as you need in no time and then just use glue to layer them and stick them to a toothpick to use on cupcakes for the graduation party. You can make these using multiple colors, but I would suggest using just one or two colors. I like to pick the school colors for mine.

Class Of 2022 Cupcake Toppers - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Class Of 2022 Cupcake Toppers SVG File from SpotOfTeaDesigns Here.

8. decorate a graduation cap with this topper design

I know you’ve seen that people are decorating their graduation caps with all kinds of sayings and designs lately, right? Well, with this graduation cap topper design all you’ll need is some iron on vinyl, and your Cricut EasyPress Mini or just your household iron will do as well. It’s really easy to cut out on one sheet of white iron on vinyl and then press it piece by piece to avoid that center piece of the cap.

Graduation Cap Top Decoration - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Graduation Cap Topper SVG File from PerfectStylishCuts (from me!) Here.

9. cardstock graduation cap favor boxes

These graduation cap favor boxes can function in two ways. You can use them for party favors that you will give to your guests, or you can use them to give gifts to multiple graduates. I love filling these with candy, and individually wrapped dollar bills, or gift cards. This might also be the way to go if you have multiple graduates that your gifting for this year. You can make a few of them all at once by just copy pasting the design in Design Space, or cutting out multiple times back to back.

Graduation Cap Favor Boxes - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Graduation Cap Favor Boxes SVG File from AbbiKirstenCollections Here.

10. congrats grad greeting card

I would say that greeting cards are one of the easiest things to make with your Cricut, and if you have the Cricut Joy, even better! Ever since I got mine I haven’t paid for greeting cards, and I’m essentially just going through my paper stash and all the paper pads I bought on sale at Michaels. But seriously, even if you don’t have the Joy, you can make cards like these with any cutting machine and 2 pieces of cardstock.

Congrats Grad Greeting Card - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Congrats Grad Greeting Card SVG File from PersiaLou Here.

11. congrats grad cake topper

This graduation cake topper is another one of those projects that takes no time at all to complete and only requires a few supplies. I love using glitter cardstock for cake toppers, but it’s not necessary. I also love using foam adhesive stickers as my glue in between layers, but again, not necessary. If all you had was some cardstock, skewer sticks, and tape or glue of some kind, you could totally make these.

Congrats Grad Cake Topper - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Congrats Grad Cake Topper SVG File from PerfectStylishCuts (from me!) Here.

12. senior tribe t-shirt

Do you have a few seniors to make shirts for? This design is so cool, and you can customize it further by adding names on the back of the shirts. I love seeing a group of friends all wearing matching shirts. This shirt could be used for a group photo and kept as a memento for years to come to remember all the fun times you had in school.

Senior Tribe Shirt - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Senior Tribe T-Shirt SVG File from MyDesignsIntheChaos Here.

13. the tassel was worth the hassle tumbler

Words can’t explain how much I love this quote, and also how much I love tumblers! If you have just a few scraps of vinyl and a blank tumbler, you could make this graduation cup in less than 10 minutes flat. Just remember to let the vinyl on your cups cure for at least 48 hours to make sure that the permanent vinyl will not come up when washing it. And of course, do not wash these in the dishwasher.

The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle SVG File from PerfectStylishCuts (from me!) Here.

14. congrats grad mug

Mugs are such a fun gift to give a graduate. Not only are the sayings that you put on them meaningful, but also they are a practical gift that they can keep and use for a long time. I know that when I moved away to college I took two mugs that were given to me after graduation. They served as my coffee cups, as well as my pencil holders on my desk. And even now, I still have those mugs and will always cherish them as memories of when I graduated. If you have a Cricut and some vinyl, and a Dollar Tree near you, you can make this for an upcoming graduation.

Congrats Grad Mug - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Congrats Grad Mug SVG File from ThatsWhatCheSaid Here.

15. I Am So Done T-shirt

How fun would it be to wear a shirt with the quote on a post graduation trip? I think this is a really cool design for a shirt that can be worn on vacation, the summer after school is over. With designs like this I like to weld them, and then use just a single color of iron on vinyl and a colored shirt to make them. So easy, and again you can make a few for a group of friends.

I'm So Done Graduation Shirt - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the I Am So Done T-Shirt SVG File from ArtsyFartsyMama Here.

16. Congratulations cricut joy card

Out of all the graduation cards I found out there, I had to share this one with you because it’s my favorite and also comes from one of my favorite paper craft bloggers. I love that she includes the instructions to make this with. your Cricut Joy or with any of the other cutting machines. Seriously, there is no need to buy greeting cards this graduation season. And if you’re gifting someone a gift card, just add some double sided tape and place it on the inside of this card for a nice surprise.

Congratulations Graduation Cricut Joy Card - Graduation Cricut Crafts

Get the Congratulations Cricut Joy Card SVG File from CraftWithSarah Here.


These graduation designs can be used with your Cricut cutting machine to make amazing graduation gifts, party decor, greeting cards, and more!

FREE Graduation SVG Files for Cricut craft projects

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