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The Ultimate Guide To Cricut Mats

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Have you ever wondered which Cricut mat is the right one you should using for your Cricut craft projects?

I know I did! But not to worry because I’m here for you and today I’m going to share with you all the things you need to know about your Cricut cutting mats in this ultimate guide that I’ve put together.

P.S. There’s a printable guide at the bottom of this post for you to add to your Cricut binder!

Find out which Cricut cutting mat is the right one to use for each of your craft projects with this ultimate guide to Cricut cutting mats.

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I remember when I first started using my Cricut cutting machine, I was totally overwhelmed with the fact that there were different cutting mats for different materials. I thought I could just use my standard grip mat for all kinds of things and boy was I wrong.

If you’re anything like me and you’re feeling the same overwhelm right now, I would like to tell you not to worry too much about it. As you start using your Cricut more often, this will all become second nature to you and you will learn what mat is used for what project.

One thing to note is that it doesn’t matter if you have a Cricut Maker or one of the Cricut Explore machines, all of these mats will work with for you.

Before I jump in and tell you all about what each mat can be used for, I want to make sure that I share ALL of my Cricut mat tips and hacks. After-all this is an ultimate guide right?

Okay, let’s get started!

Cricut Cutting Mat Hacks & Tips

1 . Keep Your Mats Covered.

Each Cricut cutting mat comes with a clear cover sheet that helps the mat that helps protect it from debris that can stick to it.

Keep this cover sheet and after you’re done using your mat, simply just place it back on the mat to protect it and keep it as clean as possible when you’re not using it.

2 . Use A Sharpie To Write On The Cover Sheet What Each Mat Is For.

Speaking of cover sheets, this is another great Cricut mat hack to help you remember what each mat is for.

Simply scroll down and checkout what each mat can be used for and then use a sharpie to write each project type on the cover sheet. This will make it so you don’t have to refer back to this guide each time you’re ready to craft.

3 . This Is How To Clean Your Cricut Mats.

If your mat is dirty and you’re ready to give cleaning it a try before replacing it, here’s what you need to do.

First use a scraper tool on the mat to try to clear it of any big pieces of debris that you may be able to get off with your hands.

Now that you’ve removed as much debris as you can, I recommend using a baby wipe, Dawn dish soap, and warm water to get it fully clean. Remember to not rub really hard, but instead use a circular motion with the baby wipe.

Once you’re done cleaning it let it air dry and you it will be ready to use again.

4 . How To Restick Your Cricut Mat If It’s Not Sticky Enough.

The first thing you want to do is first clean your mat using the method I explained in Step 3.

If your mat doesn’t come back sticky enough for you to use, I recommend using a product like Krylon Easy Tack to the grid part of your mat.

To do this just use blue painters tape to cover the edges of your mat leaving only the grid part exposed. Then apply a thin layer of the Krylon Easy Tack spray. This should do the trick!

5 . Peel Your Mat Away From Your Material To Avoid Tearing.

This is a tip I wish I had known before I started out with my Cricut cutting machine, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

So you know how usually we peel up the vinyl from the cutting mat when it’s finished cutting? Don’t do that. Instead turn your mat face down and peel the mat away from your material.

This will help your material not to tear if you’re working with cardstock or any other type of paper material. It will also help you avoid any curling and creasing if you’re working with vinyl.

Okay now that you know all of my best tips, tricks and hacks for Cricut cutting mats, let’s talk about what materials you can use each mat for.

Blue Light Grip Mat

Have you ever wondered what the blue Cricut light grip mat is used for? Here is a list of materials that you can use on your blue Cricut light grip cutting mat.

The blue light grip mat is a low adhesive mat. This means that it is best used for lightweight materials that may otherwise tear when you go to remove them from the mat.

Here are the materials that you should use it with:

– Vinyl

– Printer Paper

– Patterned / Scrapbook Paper

– Cardstock

– Construction Paper

– Wrapping Paper

– Vellum

Green Standard Grip Mat

Have you ever wondered what the green Cricut standard grip mat is used for? Here is a list of materials that you can use on your green Cricut standard grip cutting mat.

The green standard grip mat is a regular grip mat, meaning it’s not too sticky, but also it’s sticky enough to hold most materials.

This is by far my most commonly used mat. I wouldn’t recommend using it for standard vinyl as soon as you open it or if you have a blue mat available, but don’t be afraid to use it for vinyl after it’s a little worn in.

Here are the materials that you should use it with:

– Iron On (all kinds)

– Sticker Paper

– Stencil Vinyl

– Temporary Tattoo Paper

– Window Cling

– Washi Tape Sheets

– Embossed Cardstock

– Acetate Paper

Purple Heavy Grip Mat

What is the Cricut heavy grip mat used for? Here is a list of materials that you can use on your purple Cricut heavy grip cutting mat.

The purple heavy grip mat is best used for heavier materials.

I suggest if you’re using this mat with chipboard or any of the wood materials to also use blue painters tape to hold the materials down even more because even though this is a heavy duty mat, it may not prevent those materials from moving while the machine is cutting them.

Here are the materials that you should use it with:

– Chipboard

– Corrugated Cardboard

– Balsa Wood

– Basswood

– Real Leather & Faux Leather

– Suede

– Magnet Material

– Poster Board

– Craft Foam

– Glitter Cardstock

Pink Fabric Grip Mat

What is the Cricut fabric grip mat used for? Here is a list of materials that you can use on your pink Cricut fabric grip cutting mat.

The pink fabric grip mat is a light grip and is best used for cutting fabrics of all kinds.

If you have a Cricut Explore you can use this mat to cut bonded fabrics.

If you have a Cricut Maker, bonding is not necessary.

Here are the materials that you should use it with:

– Felt

– Bonded Fabric

– Non-bonded Fabric (Only with Cricut Maker)

– Crepe Paper

– Tissue Paper



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